A surprise visitor spells trouble

It’s a big day for the staff at Waterloo Road, as headteacher Mr Byrne decides that they all have to get plenty of students to sign up for their subjects to do at A-Level. During a meeting in the school hall, with many of the students present, a woman bursts in with her two children. It turns out she’s looking for Jez – her ex-husband.

Jez’s children, Madi and Zack, have been desperate to see their father since he left and married Sian. With her father ill, Sarah – Jez’s ex-wife – tells him that his children must go to live with him and Sian.

Jez persuades Mr Byrne to let Madi and Zack join the school, but they both find it hard to fit in. Mrs Diamond is Madi’s teacher, but Madi is furious at her for breaking up her mum and dad’s marriage. She scrawls graffiti over the science block, before assaulting a traumatised Sian.

Jez and Sian had planned an indulgent dinner party for the staff at Waterloo Road, and determined not to let the day’s events get in the way, they invite everyone over. But as the courses are served, they soon realise that their meals had been sabotaged – and Madi’s to blame.