A surprise witness turns up

In court, Warren takes the stand and gives Mercedes as his alibi. However, his case seems to be slipping away when the prosecution declare that he had a motive and a history of violence. Louise tries to redress the balance by giving evidence against Clare, telling the court she is a manipulative liar. But after the prosecution discount Louise’s evidence, a surprise witness turns up…

Nancy and Mercedes aren’t getting on too well with their new living arrangement, with Nancy laying into Mercedes for her mess. Mercedes retaliates by spitefully condemning Nancy for sleeping with her sister’s husband and gets a slap in the face in response. Mercedes apologises, but is given food for thought when Nancy tells her that Justin was a coward for not clearing Becca’s name earlier than he did.

A nervous Sasha and Amy prepare to get their GCSE results, and Amy is despondent when she sees hers. A stunned Mike demands her paper is re-marked, but Amy tells him the results are all her fault and wonders what to do while her mates are out celebrating.

Also, Max tells Steph he knows Clare is faking her injuries, and Steph is puzzled when she receives flowers from a mystery admirer.