Michael visits The Mill after having heart palpitations. Steve, Michael’s business partner, comes over to see him. Heston drinks a cup of tea, which was meant for Michael and feels unwell. He accuses Steve of putting caffeine into Michael’s drinks to bring on a heart attack and he’s arrested.

Karen and Emma pick up the fact that Zara is finding it tough with Daniel away but Zara dismisses their concerns. When she arrives back at home, Meena says that she’s had a good day with Joe but mentions that he is a bit behind on his developmental goals. Zara is furious and dismisses her on the spot!

Jimmi surprises Heather with a minibreak in Seville but Heather realises that she’s missed her period and begins to fear that she’s pregnant. She takes a test and the look on her face says it all. However, Jimmi is oblivious to Heather’s change of mood as he ushers her out of The Mill.