A suspicious David spots Kylie and Nick together

When David catches Kylie stuffing some paperwork in her bag (it’s the cottage booking for his birthday) and then she denies having seen Nick earlier, David’s suspicions are inflamed…

As Karl stands behind Dev, sick at the thought of what he’s about to do, he implores Dev to stop raking over the past as it will only result in more pain. Desperate, he begs Dev to think of the effect on Aadi and Asha. But when Dev refuses back down Karl feels forced to strike!

In the pub Tommy has a tough time defending Tina’s actions. Arriving by his side, Tina’s desperate to offer Izzy and Gary an olive branch and insists they can see ‘Joe’ when he’s out of hospital. Reeling from the name change and token gesture, a row threatens and Tina begins to regret her decision.

Also, Eileen seeks professional help as she vows to keep her promises to Paul.