A tense Valerie fears for her job

Rob is struggling with the responsibility of organising his wedding, while Valerie unintentionally winds Karen up about letting Rob plan the wedding. Meanwhile, Valerie hears of Mrs Tembe’s impending return and breaks down in front of Heston, scared she will lose her job.

Al is called out when Rainbow, 22, gets stuck in a pose at her yoga workshop. Celestia, the yoga instructor believes Rainbow’s symptoms may be due to a spiritual awakening. Al tracks them down to a vegetarian restaurant that evening. While Al surreptitiously listens in, Rainbow reveals that she went scuba diving on her travels and Al realises she must have decompression illness and rushes her to hospital.

A spark develops between Ayesha and Franc and they set up a date at Ayesha’s place. Things are getting amorous when Franc learns that Ayesha is her little sister’s guardian. As a father himself he tries to be supportive and offers her money to get some things. But Ayesha is mortified and throws him out.