A terrorist hit goes terribly wrong

The Grid receives a report that Iranian agent turned terrorist Mehan Asnik is planning an attack on London to ruin an historic peace accord between the UK and Iran. The team organise an assassination of Asnik in Tehran hoping to make it look like a terrorist attack.

It goes badly wrong after the Home Secretary orders the bomb detonation to go ahead despite a civilian train pulling in nearby.

Asnik survives, despite a big death toll and he contacts Adam to say he wants to do a deal – he’ll provide intelligence if he can defect. But when they arrive back in the UK, armed mercenaries kidnap Asnik and Zaf.

It transpires that Asnik was carrying a vial of a lethal virus when the bomb went off in Tehran. The team had been set up by someone who knew this. Now Zaf, Asnik and the kidnappers have just hours to find a vaccine…