A sick and orphaned baby elephant named Togo is being nursed at Leopard’s Den. Young Evan is distraught but Du Plessis promises that they can look after her together. But Togo is soon forgotten about when a man named Kirk arrives claiming to be Du Plessis’ son. At first, Du Plessis won’t believe a word Kirk says but when he produces a photo, Du Plessis admits to having an affair whilst in the army.

Accepting that Kirk is indeed his son, Du Plessis welcomes him to stay. But while Danny is pleased to see Du Plessis so happy, young Evan doesn’t share his enthusiasm. Togo’s condition is deteriorating and Du Plessis is so preoccupied with Kirk that he’s broken his promise to help.

Meanwhile, Rosie gets suspicious when she spots Kirk snooping around Du Plessis’ study. And when one of the guests reports his camera and signet ring missing, Rosie immediately suspects that Kirk is the Leopard’s Den thief. When Danny and Rosie secretly search Kirk’s bags they’re caught red-handed – Du Plessis feels betrayed, especially when nothing incriminating is found.

Later, in an attempt to save Togo, Evan takes the baby elephant into the bush to find new parents and runs into trouble. Du Plessis and Danny put their differences aside to save Evan, who’s got a guilty confession to make regarding the stolen items…