A tough new job for Danny

Danny’s just starting as State Vet and feels a great sense of job satisfaction after helping to rescue some smuggled animals. But when one of them – a cheetah – is found to be sick, the complications of his new role become dauntingly apparent. With no rehabilitation centres in the province, it begins to look like the animal will have to be put down.

But Danny can’t stand by while a life is lost needlessly. Always one to take his work to heart, he brings the ailing feline back to Leopard’s Den for treatment. To his horror, he quickly finds out that his friend and neighbour Vanessa had planned to buy the cheetah illegally. She insists she didn’t know it was smuggled but, against Alice’s advice, Danny decides to fine her, which adds to her problems as she struggles to keep Mara afloat.

Meanwhile, Thabo is settling in well at Leopard’s Den. After an unpromising start, he and Du Plessis are now firm friends and his relationship with Olivia is also flourishing. But the arrival of his delinquent older brother, Lungile, serves as a painful reminder of how hard it is to escape your past. Will Lungile threaten everything he has worked so hard for?