Barry asks Rob to be his best man when Valerie calls and asks him to help student Chloe look for her friend Han. When Barry spots a body in the lake and the police confirm it’s Han, Barry tactfully tells Chloe the bad news as Valerie slips her hand into his.

During a performance appraisal, Sid tells Zara that a GP spotted he had meningitis as a child which made him want to become a doctor, so that he could save lives. Zara’s impressed and confirms that he’s a valuable asset to the practice. Sid thanks her but, as he hurries out, Zara wonders who was really in control of that assessment. 

Niamh’s thrilled when she gets a call from Ben to ask her out on a date. Later, she spots Heston slaving over a thick pile of printouts. He’s preparing for his performance review and it’s clear Anthony has left him feeling he’s got something to prove.