A vengeful Nick gives David an ultimatum

At the hospital Nick’s in a foul mood, the extent of his brain damage is still unknown, but Leanne’s assured he’s making good progress. David’s torn, not knowing whether to be relieved or worried, and when Nick summons him to his bedside he dreads the outcome. Nick remembers everything, but will keep the truth to himself if David has Lily DNA tested. At home David reveals his pact with Nick to Tina. Meanwhile, Kylie’s suspicious as to why David’s spending so much time with ex Tina.

As Roy plans a surprise trip to Blackpool for Hayley before her chemo starts, she’s keen to crack on with driving lessons. Roy’s analytical approach to driving doesn’t make things easy for Hayley and severely tests her nerves.

Michelle’s devastated to hear that her parents are divorcing. Determined to cheer her up Steve continues with his secret efforts to buy the pub, convinced it’s what Michelle needs. But little does she know Steve’s mystery backer is Liz…

Also, Peter’s struggling with the paperwork at the factory and tells Carla they need to recruit someone to fill Michelle’s role. Sally’s convinced it will be her, but when Peter takes matters into his own hands it looks like Sally may be disappointed; meanwhile, Tim comes out of hiding.