A very Casualty Christmas!

Ruth’s personal and professional lives clash this week when she discovers husband Edward is still seeing his lover James! At home preparing for a fairytale Christmas Ruth finds a badge ‘No 1 Doctor’ in a present box. But when James shows up to work wearing it, her dream Christmas takes a nosedive. Forced to work together Ruth and James bicker for the entire shift – which proves fatal for one patient. And Ruth’s world comes crashing down when James reveals Edward is leaving her for him!

Ruth issues Edward with an ultimatum – choose James or her! The pushy doctor is left crushed when her husband chooses James and also publicly humiliates her in front of her co-workers. It’s another lonely Christmas for Ruth.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Mads and Noel lead the rest of the staff and throw a Christmas party for the patients stuck in hospital for Christmas.

Meanwhile, Kirsty is uncomfortable working with Adam and refuses his help. However, by the end of the shift they are on better terms.