A vicious Griffin threatens Camelot

Merlin narrowly escapes with his life when he is attacked by a terrifying creature with the body of an eagle and the head of a lion. At the last moment a young stranger appears and manages to fight the monster away. He tells a grateful Merlin that his name is Lancelot before promptly passing out. Merlin rushes Lancelot to Gaius to treat his wounds.

When Lancelot comes round he tells Merlin of his dream to protect the kingdom by becoming a Knight of Camelot. On hearing that only those of noble birth may serve, Lancelot is so devastated that Merlin persuades him use fake credentials to convince Arthur of his nobility. Lancelot impresses Arthur and quickly progresses through basic training before receiving a knighthood from the King but his deception is discovered and he is arrested.

Meanwhile, Gaius discovers the identity of the winged beast – it is a Griffin, a creature that can only be defeated with magic. Gaius tells Uther of his findings, but his advice falls on deaf ears; the King tells Arthur that his Knights will do battle that evening. Deeply concerned for Arthur’s safety, Gaius tells Merlin that he must harness the powerful magic needed to defeat such a beast. Otherwise Arthur will surely die…