A vision’s just a vision

The police have charged Porter Scavo with murder after Dave’s false allegations and Lynette put up the family’s pizza business as collateral to raise the bail money – but without telling husband Tom! Then Porter fails to show up at court, roping in his identical twin brother, Preston to take his place while he did a runner. Lynette and Tom found out, but she insisted they had no option but to go ahead and let Preston fill in (illegally) for Porter. Will the Scavos be rumbled in court?

We’ve now found out about the mysterious woman and child who were haunting Dave. They were his wife and daughter killed by Mike and Susan in a car crash years earlier. It seems Mike is the person Dave’s really after – how long will it be before he starts targeting Mike for some nasty retribution?

Carlos got his sight back at last, and was delighted to see his daughters for the first time ever, and he wasn’t even bothered by Gaby’s more downtrodden appearance. What did bother him, though, was that Gaby had sold off his collectable baseball. Although he flew off the handle at first, he later saw Gaby’s empty wardrobes and realised how much she’d been doing to keep the Solis family afloat. If she could do without her designer clothes, he could certainly do without his beloved baseball!

Bree goes totally against type and proves quite understanding when Andrew comes clean about his boyfriend’s past as a porn star. In fact, she’s thrilled that there’s soon going to be a gay wedding in the family. Will Andrew be able to stand all her fussing and ultra-meticulous wedding planning, though?