Bianca, a feisty Italian girl, arrives in the Bay. She’s April’s sister and has fled her engagement party in Milan after learning her fiance cheated on her. The sisters are like chalk and cheese. She flirts with Liam and locks horns with her sister.

Sid and Rachel battle to save a patient’s life, but there’s no hope and Sid makes her comfortable until the end. The nurses see a new side to Sid and have nothing but respect for him.

Ruby and Liam are at the recording studio and Liam is apprehensive. He’s worried that music will lead him down a destructive path again. Ruby assures him he’s strong, and she’s there to support him. The session goes well and as they hug, Ruby’s feelings for Liam bubble to the surface. She checks herself, but later clocks Liam flirting with Bianca and is devastated.

Elijah’s career talk at VJ’s school is bumped to accommodate a fireman, so he thinks up some impressive career stories. It seem he’s been through many tragedies and disasters, and Leah wonders whether Summer Bay is exciting enough for him. Elijah assures her it is, but he pauses to thinks on this some more. Is he satisfied working in the Bay?

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