Olivia continues to cause trouble for Danny and Alice and, when she nearly scuppers their planned holiday, Du Plessis decides to enroll her in his very own brat camp… Danny and Alice are about to take off a short break when Olivia decides she wants to practice her driving – on her own. She crashes the jeep and it looks like Danny and Alice are going nowhere. But Du Plessis makes Olivia ask Rowan and Vanessa to lend them a jeep. Trouble is, it comes at a price: Rowan and Vanessa join Danny and Alice on their vacation, with Rowan planning to woo the unwitting Vanessa.

While they’re all away, Du Plessis plans on teaching Olivia to be less selfish and more considerate of others. But it takes their joint efforts in rescuing an orphaned leopard cub to win Olivia over. And she still has it in for Alice…

Meanwhile, on the road to rest and relaxation, Danny and co have a small accident and discover a much bigger one… A truck has crashed, the driver is dead, a tourist, Susan, is badly injured and a lion has escaped. The big cat goes for Vanessa, who’s saved by Rowan. Feeling brave, Rowan says he’ll go for help with Susan’s son, Michael. But he falls and is knocked unconscious. While Danny and Vanessa move on for Susan’s sake, Alice decides to stay and protect her brother.