A witch hunter hunts Merlin

King Uther has had enough of trickery. Trolls making themselves look beautiful and seducing him are dangerous for the kingdom of Camelot. Would Uther or Arthur or any of the city’s gentle folk survive if another troll got its feet under the royal table (or its snout on top of the table)? They had a near miss with the cunning Catrina but what if something like that happened again? Uther’s determined to make sure Camelot’s safe which, in his book, means wiping out magic completely. How does he plan to do that? As it happens he knows just the man to summon: Aredian (guest star Charles Dance), the most dreaded witch hunter in the land. And Aredian’s instructions are clear: he’s to winkle out every witch and warlock in within Camelot’s walls.

That’s terrifying news for Merlin, and for Gauis, who will be guilty by association in Uther’s eyes. Morgana is in danger, too and thinks she had better run for her life. She’s convinced that Aredian will take one look at her and see her secret, which will lead to a bonfire with her on top.

It falls to Merlin to protect Gauis and Morgana from the witch-hunt. But he’s going to have to use magic to keep them all safe. Can he do that and keep himself out of the line of fire?

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