Sunita collects the twins from Claire‘s. But later Aadi is taken ill and when he won’t wake up he’s rushed to hospital. The Alahans are devastated when the surgeons tell them that Aadi has a fractured skull and is bleeding from the brain. Confused about how he received the injury, for now the Alahans can only pray that he’ll pull through.

Becky takes a bolshy Kylie back to the Rovers, but it’s clear no one really knows what to make of her. It’s like seeing Becky as she was when she first arrived on the street and while the Croppers are happy to give her a chance, Steve, Liz and Michelle are less Welcoming. Especially when she sets her sights on Ciaran.

Eileen’s confused by Owen’s mixed signals towards her, but cheers up when he offers her some advice on how to get the landlord the drop the price of the House.

Also, Emily and Norris are searching for a mouse in the shop when they spot a letter behind the skirting board addressed to Ken Barlow. Emily assumes that it must have been there for years as Ken moved out of No 3 in 1962!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

As the Alahan’s pray for Aadi they still can’t understand how her injuries occurred. Claire admits that she has no idea and decides to keep quiet about leaving the twins with Sophie and Sian, knowing it was the wrong thing to do. Aadi eventually comes through the operation, but is on life support when the nurse spots a bruise on her arm and immediately alerts social services. Dev and Sunita are horrified when they’re questioned by social services.

Hayley‘s hen do is a raucous affair, much to Mary’s distaste. The women have turned the cafe into a salsa bar, with Roy as waiter and it’s clear that Hayley’s thrilled. But she gets a surprise when a mysterious Latin lothario turns up.

Kylie spends the evening insulting Michelle and flirting with Ciaran. Eventually Michelle snaps, throwing a punch at Kylie. But it’s Becky who gets caught in the crossfire. As Kylie milks the situation for all it’s worth, Becky has to choose a side.

Also, Claire asks Sophie about about what went on when she was left with the kids; Ken’s intrigued when Norris hands him the old letter – it’s from his first girlfriend Susan; Owen offers Eileen some extra work on the side doing his books.

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