Aaron abuses Sonya’s trust

Given access to the list of complainants to the Quill development, Aaron snaps a photo and sends it to Tom. When Sonya later tells Aaron that a number of businesses have suddenly withdrawn their original opposition to the development, Aaron can see that his spontaneous act has seriously compromised his ethics.

Tyler asks Daniel if he and Imogen have thought about moving in together and, when a furious Imogen confronts Tyler for his interference, he challenges her – if she’s not ready to settle down, she’d better tell Daniel. Later, Terese is disappointed when Imogen confesses she’s attracted to Tyler and urges her daughter to be honest. Imogen agrees and tells Daniel they should be thinking about taking the next step – the problem is, she’s attracted to Tyler.

Brad spots Doug in the backyard building a bar for the shed. When Doug goes for a lie down, Toadie and Brad bond over their Citizen of the Year nominations but Brad is soon given a stark reminder of Doug’s condition when he comes back out from his nap and has no idea who Brad is.