Aaron and Cain pay Jai a visit!

Ever since Cain was in hospital, Aaron has been at his side, desperate to avenge the attack on his uncle… And now it looks like he can! Cain asks Aaron to drive him to Jai’s house, but is bitterly disappointed when Cain tells him to wait in the car. Cain’s not there for Jai; he wants to tell Charity that he’s done with them both. What?? It’s over? Just like that? No breaking Jai’s bones? No. It’s Cain who’s the broken man. His attacker is sure they’re going to spend their life in prison, though, and prepares to take their punishment.

Val should really be preparing herself for separation from Kyle. Yes, she can visit him for now, but Pollard is worried about what will happen when Kyle is gone for good. Maybe Amy should stop Val’s visiting rights… But that would break Val’s heart all over again.

Ashley’s still trying to get over the heartbreak of Laurel falling in love with Marlon and thinks the best way to win back Laurel is to deceive her. So he continues to pretend they’re on a weekend away in Leeds, when really he’s planning to move the whole family there! So romantic – not!