Aaron and Liv bravely face Gordon’s sentencing

Even though Liv promised her abused brother Aaron that she wouldn’t go to court for Gordon’s sentencing, she’s desperate to see him get his comeuppance and skips school to attend. She’s relieved when Aaron turns up, too, adamant his little sister shouldn’t have to face their evil dad alone.

However, as the sentencing is read out, Aaron still can’t seem to shake off his dad’s nefarious presence in his life when Gordon mentions he sent him a letter from prison – unaware that Robert kept the letter a secret and ended up burning it! Confused, will Aaron find out the truth?

Having lied to her sons that she might have motor neurone disease, Emma is under mounting pressure when a suspicious Finn insists that he and Pete join her at the doctors for her test results! But when Emma overhears a conversation between Belle and Dr Bailey, she seizes on an opportunity to convince her sons of the truth…

Elsewhere, panicked by the effect her affair is having on her family, an emotional Belle breaks things off with Bailey and swears to Cain she’ll never see her mystery man again!

Also, Doug is relieved that Diane finally decides to sign the pub over, while Rakesh tells Priya that Cain kidnapped him, but they can’t go to the police…