Aaron attacks Robert!

*Second episode

As he takes in what Robert has said about Katie’s death, Aaron’s blood boils. Furious, he attacks his remorseless secret ex lover, pounding him with his fists before bolting, covered in blood! Robert’s worried what Aaron will do next – but first he’s got to get tidied up before Chrissie clocks him and starts asking questions. Meanwhile, when Victoria spies Aaron washing the blood off his hands. Will Aaron open up to her about what drove him to extreme violence?

At the B&B, Val’s still feeling ill but is given something else to think about when Finn tells her he’s booked a room at the B&B for him and Darren as he’s fed up with his mum, Emma, treating him like a child.

It’s crunch time for the Kings at the airport. As they arrive at the check-in, it’s Nicola who changes her mind and decides she’ll go to Dubai alone, leaving Angel with Jimmy!