Aaron bares all to Ed!

OK… Flashing your self-inflicted scars at your new boyfriend isn’t a come-on that would be found in any dating guide. But that’s not Aaron’s first move when Ed turns up to apologise for his hissy fit the night before. Aaron wants Ed to leave, but Paddy (who says all the wrong things to Rhona, but says all the right things to Aaron) has encouraged the lad to give Ed another chance. So, painful and all as it is for him, Aaron gets Ed around to tell him the whole Jackson story.

Hard and all as it is for Debbie, she has to go to the hospital for the test to see if the baby she is carrying is a match for Sarah. Chas – whose lips are still tingling from that kiss with Cameron – has the nerve to wish her luck. Debbie’s going to need it. She needs Cameron, too, but he stays away. Andy doesn’t, but Debbie tells him she doesn’t want him in the consulting room with her. So she’s on her own…

Zak’s out on his own again and no one knows where. Sam finds him asleep in the woods and Zak’s clearly been drinking. But that’s not what Sam tells Lisa. He gives Zak a dead rabbit to take home and tells Lisa he found his dad poaching.

*Second episode*

So, Aaron has bared his self-harming scars – and his soul – to Ed. He has told him all about Jackson and how he hurt himself because he needed to suffer after he helped Jackson die. Many blokes would run a mile, but Ed sits still and listens – and then he kisses Aaron. He wants to show Aaron he can trust him and that he cares and suggests they spend the night at his place. That’s great – until Ed tells Aaron he’s signed on with a rugby club in France and is leaving in a month!

Cameron is leaving tomorrow and Debbie knows this. She misses him desperately as she lies alone in hospital, waiting for the test to see if the baby is a match for Sarah. Needing support, she calls for Charity, who rushes to her side. Back home, Charity tells Debbie if she really wants Cameron she’s going to have to tell him – and she’d better do it quick.

Rodney tells Nicola that Jimmy’s feeling neglected so she does something about it… But she ends up stranded in the countryside wearing only a coat and stilettos. She’s supposed to be wearing a seductive look, too, but that disappears when she runs out of petrol on her way to seduce Jimmy. Happily, he does eventually get to see what’s under Nicola’s coat!