Aaron Dingle is at breaking point

As his sentencing hearing looms, Aaron Dingle has a panic attack and Robert comes up with an idea to cheer up his terrified fiance

With his sentence hearing looming, Aaron’s stressed to the max. He’s well aware that he could be sent down for attacking Finn’s ex, Kasim. Dreading the thought of losing his freedom and being taken away from his loved ones, not least sister Liv who is going off the rails, Aaron ends up having a panic attack. Desperately worried about his fiance, Robert decides he must act fast to give Aaron the security he needs to make him feel happier…

Having had time to think, Zak regrets what he’s said about Kyle and tries to turn things around – but is it too late to take back control of the situation?

Desperate to know what Tracy’s book is like, David sneaks a peek at his wife’s racy text and is shocked by the contents! Chas and Paddy’s romance steps up a gear, and it appears Debbie’s hiding a big secret about Sarah’s cancer treatment.