Aaron raids the safe at Home Farm!

The mechanic breaks in to the Whites' home to get his mitts on their cash in Emmerdale

*First episode*

Stung and annoyed by Rebecca’s comment, Aaron breaks into Home Farm to get revenge. After cracking open their safe, he nicks the cash that’s inside! Hearing Rebecca returning, he makes a run for it with the money. When Rebecca then finds the safe has been ransacked, who will she suspect?

After receiving his decree nisi, Paddy’s down in the dumps. So when a pretty client arrives and accepts his off-the-cuff offer of a drink, the vet is chuffed.

At the shop David’s annoyed when a huge load of Christmas trees arrive as Frank has clearly over-ordered. But Tracy believes she’s got a good idea of how the ‘mistake’ has happened and confronts Leyla…

Arthur overhears Diane and Doug talking about Ashley hurting Laurel, and starts to worry about his mum.