Aaron collapses! (VIDEO)

Aaron’s been pushing himself hard. Farmer John even has him working up on the farm. But Aaron wants to work himself into the ground; that way he’s too tired to feel his pain and guilt over Jackson’s death. Aaron’s also wound up tighter than the cotton holding the buttons on Jai’s figure-hugging shirts – and he explodes when mini-thug Sean runs off with the cash box from the garage. Aaron chases after the bad lad and collapses in a heap…

Alicia collapsed on the inside when Andy finished with her, but on the outside she’s determinedly putting on a brave front. She even goes as far as announcing that she’s moving to Spain with Jacob. Just because Andy doesn’t want to go doesn’t mean she can’t. And now she has nothing to keep her in Emmerdale… Except Carl clearly enjoys flirting with her, so he wouldn’t mind if she stayed put.

Deep down, Nicola wouldn’t mind a reconciliation with Jimmy. She loves what they had and would love to have it again. But big mouth Bob soon ruins Nicola’s picture of the happy family she, Jimmy and Angelica could be again. He lets slip that Jimmy is trying to find his son, Elliot… and with Elliot comes Kelly, the woman who tore apart Nicola and Jimmy.

*Second episode*

Aaron’s struggling to breathe and Sean’s struggling not to wet himself. What has he done??? He just wanted to nick a bit of cash and now Aaron, who chased him, is lying on the ground struggling to breathe. Sean runs off but he doesn’t run away; he runs to the pub and gets Chas. Back outside, though, Aaron has gone – but the tell-tale cash tin is still on the ground and Chas works out what Sean did and why Aaron chased him. But where is Aaron? Zak and Sam see him staggering along the road and take him home. Aaron recovers and soon makes himself feel much better – by slashing his body with a knife…

Charity’s suffering, too. It’s killing her that Jai wouldn’t take her with him to meet his parents, so she launches a charm offensive at Nikhil, determined to find out more about the parents that Jai is hiding her from. That’s going to have to be some charm offensive considering the way she’s treated Nikhil in the past!

Alicia’s not happy with the way Andy has treated her and let’s him see Carl kiss her. Yeah, that’s the way to treat the man you say you loved… kick him when he’s down. Alicia needs to be careful that Andy doesn’t kick back.