It’s all got too much for Aaron in prison. And, having initially refused his cellmate’s offer of a joint, Aaron decides he needs one. But Ethan informs him it’s not him who can supply Aaron with a fix – it’s bullyboy Jason.

When Liv and Paddy later visit Aaron, it doesn’t take long for the savvy teen to realise Aaron’s out of it. Confronting him in a moment alone, Liv warns her brother not to do anything silly which could ultimately jeopardise his appeal…

In a bid to make up with Lachlan, Chrissie tries to get a message to him via Belle. Meanwhile, Rebecca tries to get Lawrence to see that Ronnie set up her sister. Who will Lawrence believe – his lover or his daughter?

Finn decides to go to Australia alone, much to Emma’s distress. And Vanessa clashes with Pierce about his engagement to Rhona.

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