Aaron contemplates handing himself in

After his close call with the police, Aaron realises he can’t run for ever so decides to turn himself into the police. Adam’s horrified, especially as his mate is taking the rap for deliberately setting fire to the garage a couple of years ago, and tries to talk him out of it. Later, Adam thinks he’s managed to dissuade Aaron, but is unaware that he’s slipped away to the police station. Will Adam really stand by and let Aaron go down for a crime that HE committed?

In the wake of Donna’s death, Marlon and Ross are both struggling in their grief. As Marlon clashes with Bob over his decision to keep April away from the funeral, it’s clear he’s not handling the situation well at all and that’s a cause for concern for Laurel. Meanwhile, Ross thought he and Donna had a future together, so is hurt that she never told him she was terminally ill. And now he’s found out about her kiss with Marlon, he’s wondering if she felt anything for him at all! So to forget his troubles, he turns to booze in The Woolpack as he sits glowering at Marlon…

Elsewhere, Ashley tells Harriet that he thinks he and Carole should just be friends; Sean’s attempts to reconcile Dan and Kerry backfire.