Aaron defends his mother’s honour (VIDEO)

There’s more fighting over farmer John in the pub – this time between Adam and Aaron! What’s happened is that Adam, Moira and Holly have seen Chas and farmer John kissing and none of them are happy about it. Adam sees Aaron in the pub and tells him to tell his mum to keep her hands off his dad. That’s not going to happen, Aaron tells Adam. So, the boys fall out and fists fly. Chas and John walk in on the fight and then John and Moira have words. Oh, dear. Where will this all end? Well, John decides it will end with a divorce. Now, he just has to tell Moira.

As one family is torn apart, another is reunited. With Val’s help, Amy has made a baby book for Kyle and passes it on to her social worker. But Val still has some simmering resentment and it’s aimed at Pollard. Would Amy have given up Kyle if Pollard hadn’t been so supportive? Val thinks not. So Amy’s right to be suspicious when Val suggests a family holiday in Portugal…

Katie’s on the move, too – but she’s only going as far as Home Farm. Declan has asked her again to move in with him and this time she says ‘yes’.