Aaron doesn’t trust Hamish

Aaron and Mark decide to dig up the dirt on Hamish

Aaron is growing more suspicious of Hamish’s intentions, especially after he convinced Tyler to give Piper some space in her hour of need. Aaron relays his fears to Mark, who agrees that Hamish is not to be trusted. The brothers decide they need concrete proof to prove that Hamish isn’t the man he says he is.

Later, Aaron invites Hamish out for a drink and, as the pair talk, it’s clear that Hamish is up to something. Determined to protect Tyler, Mark and Aaron decide to set the wheels in motion to prove Hamish is a liar and that includes one of them taking a trip to Paris…

Meanwhile, Mark speaks to Karl about Louise’s health after her allergic reaction. Mark is still trying to trace her next of kin, but is having no luck. Later, Mark hears that Hamish has visited Louise’s ward numerous times and confirms the news with a nurse. Mark confronts Hamish about his visits to the hospital, but Hamish says he’s been having tests for his ‘head injury’. Mark, however, knows he’s lying and mentions his interest in Louise, leaving Hamish anxious.

Also, Ben finds a panicked Yashvi outside the Principle’s office. Worried about Yashvi’s future, Ben decides to tell Susan he was behind the polystyrene prank. Yashvi tries to convince Ben to take back his statement to Susan, but he refuses and Susan expels him. As Yashvi watches on and sees how Ben suffers the consequences of her actions. Will she be able to keep quiet?