Aaron doubts his own innocence

Aaron never wanted to help Jackson die; he did what he did because Jackson begged him to. But the Prosecution says Aaron did what he did because he couldn’t bear the thought of a future burdened with a crippled boyfriend. But Aaron’s simple, heartbreaking honesty shows the jury how much he misses the man he loved. Aaron’s full of self-doubt, but there’s no doubting his feelings for Jackson and the jury sees that. Then it’s Paddy’s turn in the witness box and he blunders into admitting Aaron hit him (nearly beat him to death, actually). Now Chas, Hazel and Paddy are very worried…

Leyla’s worried about Alicia and Andy’s plans to move to Spain. They return from their trip, but Alicia’s saying nothing about when they might go for good and Leyla is tortured by the very idea that she’s going to lose Jacob – again.

Debbie’s worried that Samson has been using Sarah as a punchbag. Cameron has been looking after Samson and Sarah during the day, but when Debbie gets home from work she spots a bruise on Sarah’s arm and immediately thinks Samson hit her!