You’re dumped! Aaron chucks Alex – will he get back with Robert?

Aaron ends it with Alex when he realises how he feels about his ex Robert

It’s drama, drama, drama for Robron and co when a night out on the tiles turns messy.

With Aaron having moved Alex into Mill Cottage, Robert has realised he has to move on. In a bid to get over his ex, he heads out for a night on the town. But when Aaron and Alex turn up too, the night is set to end in tears. And it does.

Aaron’s stung when he spies Robert flirting away with a hot-looking guy. Shocked by the strength of his jealous reaction, Aaron acts on his feelings and after telling Alex he almost kissed his ex, he dumps the devastated doc. But will he tell Robert how he feels? And if so, is Robert going to be up for listening or is it too little too late?

After the incident at the hotel, conflicted David mulls over his marriage to Tracy.

Game-playing Charity gets a text from Vanessa. It’s a selfie of the vet who’s out larging it. Will jealousy spur Charity to stop mucking about and show Vanessa how she feels about her?

Hour-long episode!