Aaron falls under Tom’s spell

After date number two, Aaron tells Tom the Lassiters development approval could take another couple of months. Tom says they need approval now and asks Aaron to send him a list of the people opposing the development. It’s clear Tom’s interest in Aaron isn’t as genuine as it seems.

Kyle thinks he should give Georgia a call about the divorce, but Amy freaks out and suggests he let the lawyers handle it. Kyle reassures Amy that he loves her but, driven by her own insecurity, she spontaneously proposes. For reasons he can’t articulate, though, Kyle can’t bring himself to say yes. Kyle realises he has some serious soul searching to do.

Steph puts Paige in her place when she asks about her friendship with Mark. Later, she tells Mark that Paige was asking questions and invites him to go bike shopping for Charlie. Paige watches on sadly as they head off together.

When pushed, Imogen admits her unwanted attraction to Tyler, but he shuts the conversation down fast, leaving her embarrassed and guilt-ridden.