Aaron discovers a distraught Nate who tells him about Dimato. Aaron tracks down the injured Dimato who demands medical attention or he will go to the police. Karl reluctantly treats Dimato as long as Nate promises to consider confessing. Dimato worries whether Karl will involve the police and gets an associate to make a threat against Susan.

Piper urges Tyler to attend Steph’s singles’ night to get material for her blog (when she’s allowed to get back on line). He initially refuses but agrees after Brad and Josh invite him along. Terese also decides to go to the singles’ night with Imogen and they arrive to find Josh, Tyler and Brad there. But things get awkward when Lauren arrives. Eventually everyone goes their separate ways but Lauren admits she was jealous seeing Brad and Terese together – she badly misses him.

Tyler decides to leave the singles’ night early and Piper comes over to hang out. He praises her intelligence and warmth and when she kisses him, he kisses her back.