With Holly in and out of his bed, closet gay Aaron has done a pretty good job of playing it straight. You can imagine his panic, then, when Holly dumps him… How is he going to pretend to the village folk – and himself – that he loves a roll in the hay with a girl as much as the next red-blooded male, when he hasn’t got a girlfriend? Well, first of all, he really needs to stop giving Adam those longing looks and accept that the farm boy doesn’t want to play Brokeback Mountain.

Andy’s also panicking… Fed up with Cain and Charity’s never-ending sniping, Debbie has taken a job in Jersey and she tells Andy that Sarah is going with her. Andy doesn’t want his daughter to leave the village but Debbie has custody and she’s not leaving Sarah behind. Will her actions push Andy into doing something stupid?

Where women are concerned, Rodney the red-hot lover is always doing something stupid. Lately, he seems to be misfiring on all cylinders and crashes and burns on another date. All is not completely lost, though… While failing on the romance front, Rodders runs into an old friend called Charlie (George Costigan).

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