Aaron gets Jackson into his bed

Having failed to get into Jackson’s bed, Aaron moves on to Plan B. He picks up Jackson and takes him to Smithy Cottage, where Jackson sees that Aaron has moved his bed into the front room (where, hopefully, Paddy and Rhona won’t want to sit). Jackson isn’t swept out of his wheelchair, though; he wants to go home. But Aaron persists; he wants them to sleep together, like any other couple. Finally, Jackson agrees to spend the night.

Cain’s also in a surprisingly agreeable mood. When Jai goes to see him and tells him to stay away from Charity, Cain tells him he can have her. Oh. That’s not the response Jai was expecting. That’s not what Debbie expected Cain to say either, and when she questions him it becomes clear that the Cain/Jai/Charity battle is far from over as far as Cain is concerned…

It also becomes clear that Lisa’s suffering at Derek’s hands is also far from over… Zak can’t stop thinking about Derek’s claim that Lisa was leading him on. Oh, Zak! Shame on you! Lisa tells Zak he can’t let Derek come between them and encourages Zak to put his arm around her. But Zak’s clearly not comfortable.

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