Aaron gets John arrested

Aaron tags along with Paddy when he goes to the Bartons’ so he can see Holly. Andy and John tease Aaron about his crush and he skulks off to the barn and starts to light strands of hay then watches them go up in flames. John is horrified when he finds him and rushes to put out the flames then grabs the lighter and drags Aaron by the scruff of the neck into a stable and locks him in as punishment. A furious Aaron shouts out that he’ll make John pay.

Diane finds Val’s goodbye letter and confesses she feels torn about her sister’s departure, but she won’t go running after her. Meanwhile, Pollard is still devastated about Val leaving and is angry with himself for being so stubborn. Pollard and Diane don’t realise that Val is closer than they think – she’s hiding in the B&B and Terry is an accomplice in her plan!

Viv and Brenda continue to clash and Bob finally snaps and orders them to stay away from each other. Viv’s fuming when he arrives back from the pub tipsy and tells her he’s got his job back at The Woolpack and nominates Gennie to cover his shift.

*Second episode, 8pm*

Aaron kicks up a fuss trying to get out of the stable and John confesses to Moira that he locked him in. Moira is shocked and insists he let him out. Aaron lays into John and Paddy catches him and sends him to cool off in the car, but Aaron warns John it’s not over. Later, the police arrive at the farm and arrest John for assault and false imprisonment.

Val is driving Terry mad at the B&B and tells him she needs to know how Pollard feels about her disappearance. As she continues to watch the comings and goings of the village behind her net curtains in the B&B, Terry enquires after Pollard in the pub. He arrives back and informs a delighted Val that Pollard is gutted, but she can’t bring herself to call him and put him out of his misery just yet.

Bob is horrified when Jamie confesses he has feelings for Gennie and tries to put him off. Gennie is fuming when Bob implies she’s been leading Jamie on because she hasn’t got over losing him. Bob realises he’s overstepped the mark and says he only wants them both to be happy, but Gennie snaps he merely wants to keep his secret safe.