Aaron has a new admirer

Aaron’s a good-looking lad so it’s no wonder he’s hit on when he goes out. It’s actually Adam who wants to go out and play and he talks Aaron into going with him. First they go to a straight bar and then Bar West, the gay pub. That’s where Aaron finds a cheeky chap called Flynn flirting with him; they play pool and Flynn is the indisputable winner – at the table and with Aaron, who’s definitely attracted to him and takes his phone number. But that’s not what Aaron tells Jackson when he sees him later. In fact, he doesn’t mention Flynn at all.

Charity and Cain are giving each other the silent treatment. Charity’s furious with jealous Cain for smashing up the barn conversion in retaliation for the affair she’s having with Jai that is all in his imagination (well, most of it… There has been a bit of flirting). And Cain’s still acting his shoe size, not his age, laughing with the equally jealous Faye about what he did. They’re so pleased with themselves… For now.

Alicia isn’t pleased after she takes Leyla’s advice and lets Jacob speak on the phone to Justin. because now the boy misses his dad more than ever.