What Aaron has needed for a long time is someone to put a smile on his face and a kiss on his lips. Step forward rugby player Ed, who has just the right charm to tackle Aaron. The lads are supposed to be going for a drink, but Aaron cancels to help Adam fix the barn roof. That’s not going to stop Ed, though. He turns up at the farm with a couple of mates and pitches in. Holly’s eyes light up at the sight of Ed, but he only has eyes for Aaron. Roof fixed, the lads head to the pub – except Ed and Aaron. They stay behind and make their feelings for each other clear – with a kiss.

It looks like Val has really given Pollard the kiss-off. She hasn’t come back from Portugal – and she’s cleaned out their bank account! Pollard discovers his honey has taken their money when he tries to book a flight to Portugal to visit Val and, hopefully, bring her home. So, that’s not going to happen, then!

What did Chas think was going to happen when Debbie found out Cameron was staying at The Woolpack? Did she think Debbie would be grateful to Auntie Chas? Well, she’s not! Debbie’s furious – yet Chas still tells Cameron he can stay with her.