So, the jury didn’t find Aaron guilty of murdering Jackson, but he still feels guilty. Aaron’s angry, too, with himself and the world and is lashing out at everyone – including Jackson. He has spent the night at Jackson’s grave and has left it looking like he feels: a complete mess. Hazel thinks her son’s grave has been vandalised and is shocked when she finds out Aaron caused the chaotic scene. Realising Aaron is in desperate need of help, Chas steps in. Aaron’s her son, she tells Paddy, and she’s going to take care of him from now on.

Jacob is Leyla’s son, but he doesn’t know that. Alicia doesn’t want him to know that either, now or ever, but Leyla does. She can’t bear the thought of Alicia taking Jacob to live in Spain and takes Jacob on an adventure herself – without telling Alicia or David.

Rachel reappears and has something to tell Sam. What? More ear-bashing about how Samson has been bullying her niece, Amelia? No. She’s realised Samson was the real victim and wants to apologise. So… What next? Tea for four in the cafe? That’s right!