Aaron is out of control

Still wobbling around the village and in no fit state to defend himself, Cain comes face to face with his attacker. Aaron doesn’t know this, though, and he’s got himself all wound up about Jai. He leaves the pub looking for a fight and Zak, Lisa, Chas and Sam find him trying to beat down the door at Jai’s house. Unable to do that he smashes a window – and accidentally smashes Lisa in the face as she helps pull him away.

Aaron’s out of control and his anger is fuelled by Charity’s plans to marry Jai. Debbie’s not happy, either and tells Charity she won’t be there. But Charity uses her Dingle cunning and tells Sarah she wants her to be a bridesmaid. Debbie can’t deny her sick daughter that excitement, which means she’ll have to be there after all.

Rodney’s working at the haulage firm after all, but Jimmy’s suspicious – and so he should be.

*Second episode*

So, who beat Cain to within an inch of his life? Was it Jai? Is that who Cain has come face-to-face with? Or is it somebody else? Did he push Moira too far? Or farmer John? And he was pretty vile to Amy that night. Did she decide she had to make sure he never got near his son? There’s only one thing that’s clear: Aaron still thinks Jai is guilty and he still wants to make him pay.

Hazel is shocked by Aaron’s anger. She tries to talk to him with Chas but he won’t listen to either of them. He’s consumed by rage and he wants to avenge Cain by beating Jai to a pulp. Hazel and Chas are scared – but it’s Jai who needs to watch his back.

Lisa wants to keep an eye on Belle. Well, her little girl has only just turned 13 and already she’s got her eye on a lad… It he was a nice lad Lisa might not be so concerned but it’s Sean, whose middle name is ‘Trouble’. They’ve already been caught kissing and Lisa is having nightmares about what else they might get up to.