Aaron is playing the adult and watching out for Paddy. He can see that his friend is falling for Chas all over again and knows he has to save Paddy from himself. So he turns to Chas and convinces her that if she cares at all for him and Paddy she’ll leave and spare Paddy any further heartbreak.

Where there’s a Will, Nathan gets his way… When Natasha sees how happy Will is to see his big brother she doesn’t have the heart to send Nathan packing. In Nathan’s twisted mind, this means he’s in charge at Home Farm and he tries to force Declan to sell him his share of the ‘family’ business. But Declan sees Nathan as nothing more than an irritating, immature ingrate and tells him he’s staying put. Will he regret rattling Nathan’s cage?

Elsewhere, Nicola is on the warpath – again – but this time it’s not Jimmy or Carl she’s slashing with her sharp tongue… Nicola’s new victim is young Gemma, who’s filling in at the nursery. Determined to find fault, Nicola accuses Gemma of neglect because Angelica’s nappy hasn’t been changed. But Nicola’s about to become a victim of her own big mouth…

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