Aaron is furious with Rory and accuses him of wrecking his relationship. Rory, however, makes it clear that Aaron’s relationship woes are because he wasn’t honest with David. Aaron realises he has played his part in hurting David, but is Rory completely innocent?

Meanwhile, David turns to Paul for advice. The father and son discuss David’s professional career and, when Paul makes David an offer of a lifetime, David makes a big decision about his relationship with Aaron.

Elsewhere, Terese feels distressed when Piper reveals she’s turned down her university offer to stand by Tyler. Terese pleads with Piper to change her mind, but Piper is determined to stand by her man, even if she has to break the law…

Also, Sheila feels offended when Dipi says she sees her more as a maternal figure rather than a friend. Realising that her confession has hurt Sheila, Dipi makes her a promise that she may not be able to keep.