Aaron pushes Chas too far

Lisa accuses Aaron of stealing from the Dingle family pot, but he brushes her off. Lisa is taken aback when Chas claims that she took the money as a loan. Chas pays back the money but it’s clear she was covering for her son’s guilt when she confronts him about the cash. Aaron’s bolshy attitude is finally too much for Chas and Aaron feels guilty when she breaks down in front of him.

Val overhears Lily and Leyla talking about Paul’s potential plans to go to Australia and is horrified that she may lose her son. Val is despondent when Paul seems to have gone missing and worries that he’s left for abroad already, but Rodney finds him with Katie at Home Farm. Rodney gives Paul his blessing to leave, but a desperate Val later lies to Paul that Rodney is covering up a serious heart condition and Paul feels forced to stay.

Debbie is furious when she discovers that Jasmine is planning to go with Ashley and Laurel to their new home in Leeds. She warns Jasmine that living with a vicar can’t wipe her slate clean, but angrily tells her friend to go if she wants to keep running all her life.

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