Aaron thinks taking his beautiful German Shepherd Clyde to visit mad Mickey will convince the thug to forget about getting his money back for the dodgy motor. Wrong, Aaron! Oh, Mickey pretends to be intimidated and tells Aaron he won’t bother him again. But later he visits Emmerdale with a dog that’s as vicious as he is and he goes looking for Clyde…

Katie isn’t in a hurry to see Andy the day after their night together. She doesn’t even want to talk about what happened and when Adele asks her why she’s still in yesterday’s clothes she lies and says she spent the night with Declan. Andy is a lot more honest and tells Diane what happened. Not wanting to see him more screwed up than he already is, Diane talks to Katie, who reveals she doesn’t want Andy. Tell him, then, says Diane. But will Andy agree that their night together was a mistake?

Dirty flirty Eve definitely has doubts now about her affair with Carl. Her divorce becomes final, but Carl’s still with Chas and has no plans to leave her. Where does that leave Eve?

*Second episode, 8pm*

Aaron always has to learn the hard way, but this time it’s not someone’s bones he breaks in a fit of temper – it’s his own heart. Mad Mickey set his vicious dog on to Clyde and Aaron’s faithful friend didn’t stand a chance. Aaron finds Clyde broken and bleeding and Pearl tells him she saw Mickey with his savage hound. Paddy does his best for Clyde, but it’s not enough and he has to put the dog to sleep. Aaron’s failed his best friend and breaks down in Paddy’s arms.

Eve’s also tearful as she has decided to return to France to sort out the leftover mess of her former marriage. Just in time, too, as Jimmy has started asking Carl awkward questions about his relationship with dirty flirty Eve.

Alicia’s ex, Justin, doesn’t want their marriage to be over and arrives in Emmerdale desperate to win over his wife and see Jacob. But his arrival adds to Leyla’s anxiety. How is she going to explain all of this to David when he gets back from Finland? Alicia promises she and Jacob will be gone by then – but she’s cutting it fine.

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