Aaron records Tom’s confession

Aaron confronts Tom over his lies to the police but Tom refuses to admit he’s in the wrong. Feeling guilty, Aaron’s desperate to make things up to Sonya, so returns to Tom seemingly understanding, and persuades him to open up. However, he’s recorded their conversation and exposes Tom’s lies.

Brad is stressed when Piper spends the night away from home with Brodie. But some gentle advice from Lauren puts Piper back on the right path, intent on returning to her family in spite of Brodie’s attempts at emotional manipulation. But when Brad and Terese confront the couple, things get heated and Piper is pushed back to Brodie, who has a shock suggestion.

Nene is convinced that she’ll never be able to nurse again. But Jimmy has a plan and sets her up with Paul who Jimmy knows never gives up – he hopes some of Paul’s determination might rub off. When Paul offers Nene a job and they end up enjoying the day together and it ends with Nene planting a surprise kiss on him…