Aaron returns at just the wrong time! (VIDEO)

*First episode*

It’s the morning of the job. Gary wants Ross and Donna to gain access to the office of a nightclub and retrieve an envelope from its safe. Both dressed as police officers, Donna and Ross arrive at the club claiming to have a warrant to search the premises while Adam is supposed to be keeping an eye out for the club’s owner Stephen because they know it will go belly-up if he makes an appearance. However, when his best mate Aaron appears out of nowhere, Adam takes his eye off the ball and fails to notice Stephen breezing into the club…

Although she enjoys flirting with Harvey, Charity knows she’s got a job to do and tries to get him to sign on the dotted line, but she’s caught off-guard when he suggests going back to a hotel! Will she be able to resist? Or will she succumb to his charms? If she does she will have walked straight into Megan’s trap! Come on, Charity, you’re smarter than that!