As a special week in Emmerdale kicks off, which will see someone lose their lives, the same fatal 24 hours is played out from the point of view of a different character each day, and as the week finishes, their stories collide in a terrible event leaving someone dead…

First up in the flashback spotlight is Aaron, who appears to be drowning in a lake – only then to emerge from the water of his bath, oblivious to horror that lies ahead of him…

Robert, meanwhile, is excited. He’s planning to propose to unaware Aaron and even dares broach Paddy for his blessing. But his romantic idea is ruined when Lachlan tells him he knows he slept with Rebecca and threatens to claim Robert has sexually abused him.

The problem is, Aaron is in earshot and flips. Having been abused by his own father Gordon, Aaron is disgusted Lachlan would lie about something so deeply serious and decides to pay the teen a lesson. But after bundling him into the boot of his car, bound and gagged, Aaron’s in trouble when Lachlan manages to escape!

As Robert and Aaron tear after Lachlan, their chase leads them to the edge of a cliff. A fight breaks out but Aaron and Robert manage to get defiant Lachlan back into the boot of the car.

After a near miss with a police officer, who suspects Aaron’s car is stolen, the men drive off with Lachlan in the boot. As a heart-to-heart about Robert’s past unfolds, his proposal tumbles out in anger. Aaron’s flabbergasted. But as the mechanic struggles to take in Robert’s words, danger strikes as his eyes are taken off the road… Will any of the three guys survive?