Aaron and Robert have ‘a moment’ on Valentine’s Day!

Aaron has a moment with Robert while he's preparing a Valentine's Day meal for his boyfriend Alex

It’s Valentine’s Day and Aaron is trying to make an effort for Alex, having been caught out for lying to him. While he’s cooking dinner for the doctor, however, Robert arrives and starts helping! As things hot up among the pots and pans the exes find themselves locked in a loaded moment and almost kiss. Uh oh!!

The romantic day sees the teenagers getting all mixed up, too. Jacob’s chuffed when Liv asks him to meet her down at the cricket pavillion not realising she’s trying to set him up with smitten Gabby.

At Mulberry, Laurel’s touched as she watches Sandy hanging out with Maisie (Wendy Craig), who has come to see him on behalf of his old friend and former villager Betty Eagleton who now lives in Australia.