*Second episode*

At Aaron’s stepmum’s house, things aren’t going well. But Aaron knows he must tell Sandra about what Gordon put him through as a child, having abused him repeatedly. But when Sandra says she won’t be able to stand up for him in court, Aaron flips. Presuming this means Sandra knows about Gordon’s abusive ways already, he’s furious and lashes out at her. But is he right?

David finally finds out what happened to Val’s stolen engagement ring as Jacob spills the beans. He’s stunned to hear Gabby and Lachlan were behind the break-in at Pollard’s. Confronting Chrissie, David vows to take it further.

Victoria’s determined to make her street food van a success and manages to persuade Laurel to hire her to cater the wedding. But Marlon is worried. Victoria is going to need to start cutting down on her shifts at the Woolie and where will that leave him in the kitchen?