Aaron ruins Paddy’s proposal

Paddy tells Marlon that he bottled the proposal, but he’s written a poem telling Chas how he feels. Aaron overhears Paddy and Marlon talking about the poem and he steals a draft copy. Aaron embarrasses Paddy at his surprise party by reading it out in a mocking tone and Paddy attacks him. To save face, Paddy confesses to Chas that he was going to propose, but realises that he got carried away because of turning 40. Paddy hides his disappointment when Chas tells him she’s happy as they are.

Carl struggles to connect with Lexi over her grief at losing her baby. Laurel pays Lexi a visit and witnesses first hand the emotional turmoil she’s going through. Carl has no choice but to reassure his wife when Lexi asks if they can get through this. The look in his eyes reveals he’s not entirely convinced.

Mark and Natasha put on a united front for the benefit of Maisie and Nathan, but they sense an atmosphere and worry that their recent bad behaviour has caused a rift between their parents. When Mark returns home late from work and is forced to eat dinner alone it’s obvious that all is not well in the house of Wylde.